Careers: Why work at Jatri?

Jatri is the first of its kind transportation application in Bangladesh. Started off with a mission to ease the daily sufferings of commuters by using technological solutions, Jatri has been overwhelmingly well received in the transport industry.

But it didn’t reach this stage in a day. Our story began from the observation of the disorder and chaos involved in travelling in the city. We analyzed the pain points of the people using public transport, which led us to understand the causes of this deplorable condition. Unscheduled buses, random stoppage points, insufficient seats were just a few of the leading causes. For most of the people of Bangladesh, enduring and struggling through these situations is an everyday reality.

By synchronizing tech and commute, we transform your travel by providing a ‘smart’ alternative. We deeply believe that traveling shouldn’t be a hassle for a single person, and we are passionately working towards fulfilling that goal. We aim to inspire change and revitalize public transportation in Bangladesh.

Our office is full of fast-paced problem-solvers intent on driving change in transport. As a member of our organization, you will be a part of a wonderful environment of learning and creativity. Here are a few additional benefits you will enjoy:

  • Create meaningful impact: Our business goal is to solve a real-life problem that Bangladeshis have been enduring for decades. The transportation sector is reliant on continuous innovative and out-of-the-box strategies. As our team member, you will be on the frontlines of generating a revolution in the transport industry. You will be impacting the lives of more than 47% of the people in Bangladesh and witness change occur from the get-go.
  • Employee recognition: From the very beginning, we have always encouraged a growth mindset in the workplace. While we love to celebrate and bond as a team, we are keenly aware of the contributions of each and every individual team member that help build our success. We love to encourage your hard work and efforts by providing recognition in every step- ensuring a fast track to your career growth.
  • Work flexibility: We believe in the creative freedom of our teammates, and so we give them the space and resources they need to create magic on their own. Our workplace is flexible with holidays, emergency leaves and deadlines- so you can stay rest assured you can focus more on doing your best work without the stress of strict regulations.
  • Dynamic team: The power of teamwork can propel a company to glory. At Jatri, you will be surrounded by enigmatic, creative and enthusiastic minds similar to yours. Our company bolsters a youthful spirit in every avenue- and the lively energy from everyone in the office is truly inspiring. Here, you will not only contribute your skills, but learn and grow as a person from your fellow peers as well.
  • Visionary leadership: The founders of our company are young changemakers with visionary goals. Under their watchful leadership, our team continues to thrive and blossom to the fullest. Their keen predictions and strategies have helped the company grow to where it is today and will continue to grow onwards and upwards. As a member of Jatri, you’ll have the support of inspiring mentors to lead you on the path to greatness.

If you are aligned with our line of vision and strive to make the world a better place, Jatri is the perfect place for you!

Zayan Fida Noor

21st September, 2021