JATRI - Live Bus Tracking App

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Affordable and accessible

Track location

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JATRI - Live Bus Tracking App

On the busy streets of Dhaka city, how about an app showing the live location of all buses inside one map?

Jatri offers ticketing and tracking services to simplify your commute and ensure a hassle free ride!

Why Choose Us

Simple and convenient

With a few clicks on your phone, you can find all the buses in your route and select your preferred bus. Track your bus location and save your time. Say goodbye to long queues and uncertainty of bus arrivals.

Comfortable Commute

No more standing in line for your bus for hours. Find the estimated arrival time of your bus and leave accordingly.

Safety and Security

To ensure safety, your buses are constantly tracked with GPS. We also provide a 24/7 call center support.



How Micro Bus Works

How Ticketing Works

  1. Select Location and Destination
  2. Enter Ride ID (from the board in front of your bus)
  3. Go!

How Tracking Works

  1. Subscribe to a Package
  2. Select Location and Destination
  3. Choose your Bus
  4. Pay and Go!


So why wait when your commute struggles can be solved with Jatri? Download the app at (google play)