Booking Bus Tickets : Simplified

Want to have a comfortable journey?
Jatri brings you a comfortable, safe and hassle-free commute every time you use an intracity or intercity bus

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It’s time to rethink how you take bus rides

Imagine booking your bus ticket and ensuring your spot for a cozy journey before you leave home.
Sounds too good to be true?
Jatri is here to make your dreams come true!

Our Features

What will you get in Jatri App

Streamline Timing

Choose your route, and get multiple bus timing to your destination

Track Location

You can now track your bus location and know your bus arrival and departure timing through Jatri App


Get exclusive subscription pack with discounted rate: Weekly, Monthly and Yearly

Convenient Payment

Pay digitally and forget about keeping changes in your pocket

Audio Verification

Verify your payment through renowned sound verification, Chirp

Guaranteed Spot Once Booked

Once you book a spot, it’s yours until you board in the bus

Seamless Authentication through CHIRP

The aim of CHIRP is to reduce the delay in boarding and simplifying the boarding process for both the passengers and the bus attendant. Your comfort is our priority!

Why are we different?

Simple and Convenient

With a few clicks on your phone, you can book your spot and pay through the app. Track the bus location and save your time. Say goodbye to long queues and uncertainty of bus arrivals!

Comfortable Commute

No more standing in line for a spot for hours. Now you can confirm your spot sitting right at home!

Safety and Security

To ensure safety GPS tracker and information about your bus driver and bus attendant. 24/7 call center support.