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Privacy Policies

By using our application, you agree to our usage and disclosure of your personal data according to our privacy policy.

Collection of Personally Data and Associated Data

When you begin using Jatri App, we will gather and save the information you provide. The purpose of this is to ensure an effective, dynamic and secure experience for our users. It will enable us to provide services and features that will be customized according to your requirements and convenience.
The information you provide to us will dismiss your anonymity. We will provide options for you to choose mandatory or non-mandatory information to provide. Our users will always have the freedom to not provide certain information by refusing to use certain features of our App.

Collecting data

We may collect data on particular pages of our App in order to evaluate our web page flow, ensure promotional competency, and promote trust and security.
We collect personally identifiable information (address, name, phone number, credit card/debit card etc.) about you when you join our platform. You might be able to browse certain portions of our app without registering, but most services require registration. We will use your data to contact you about promotional offers and materials.

Collecting data

We require the permissions below from you in order to effectively provide you services on our App:

Our responsibilities do not comprise of the following:

  • Usage of your Internet connection in order to ensure better GPS accuracy
  • Usage of your ‘record audio’ feature for the sound based boarding for customers using Chirp (https://developers.chirp.io/docs/)
  • Usage of your GPS service to allow tracking, navigation and other operational requirements
  • Usage of your network condition to provide better internet connectivity
  • Accessing device boot/reboot data to ensure technical assistance
  • Usage of your SMS service to allow login to the app and access the offline operation of the app when the internet is unavailable
  • Usage of your network data (either mobile data services or wifi network) to allow server communications
  • Usage of your wake lock to allow the app to work in the background
  • Accessing the information about your phone's identity for the prevention of fraud and allowance of a better experience. The app cannot be used without this permission.
  • Accessing your email address to attain a more personalized experience for our users.

Demographic data

To ensure improved service, we store and evaluate demographic and profile data about our users' activity on our App.
To diagnose and solve issues of our server, we may require your IP address. We may use it to attain demographic data as well.
The personal data we collect is used to market our offers and provide our services. We will allow you the option to opt-out of these facilities. The personal data will further be used to solve problems, promote a secure service, collect money, analyze customer interest, provide you with updates, offers and facilities, and detect against fraudulent issues.
We might request you to fill out surveys (where you have to provide age, income etc.) in order to personalize your journey with us according to your needs.

Distribution of personal data

We might use or share your personal data for these purposes:

  • Replying to your queries and requests
  • evaluating commercial issues and announcements
  • Conducting Jatri’s administrative and business operations and ensure to the policies and procedures
  • Tracking problems, payment, suspected illegal activities or fraud
  • Following applicable rules, laws, regulations, codes of practice or guidelines issued by any legal or regulatory bodies which are binding on us.
  • Conducting market research and surveys to enable us to understand and determine customer location, preferences.
  • Along with Partners or third party service providers who provide operational services to us.
  • External financial companies and their respective service providers for the purpose of providing the services on the App.
  • Auditors and lawyers or third party advisors purposes which are reasonably related to the aforesaid.

Any information shared with third parties stated above would be shared under a non- disclosure agreement to be entered into with such third party.
If, by any chance, we are merged with/acquired by another business, we will share your personal data with them. This will allow us to create a new structure or coalescence of business. In case this occurs, the new business will be compelled to follow our policy regarding your personal data.

Security Provision

Our privacy policy dictates strong measures in order to protect the data under our control. If you change your account data, we ensure a secure server for it. We maintain regulations to protect your data against any unauthorized access. But we do not agree to handle any responsibility for the breach of your data in case our system is illegally hacked or attacked by unauthorized means or glitches despite our strong security system. Furthermore, the data might be released or lost due to technical aspects of the world wide web. If the loss of any data you provide causes great harm to you, please refrain from using this app.


We allow users the option to opt out of receiving promotional data from us/our partners when they join our platform.
In case you are interested in removing your data from our system, please contact info@jatri.co
You can always revise the data you provide and edit/correct any data whenever you desire.

Promotional materials on the App

Our app contains ads from third party software. These softwares might collect data (excluding your name, address, email or contact information) regarding your usage of our apps and other apps to ensure the delivery of relatable and customized advertisements to you.

Assent of the user

By joining our platform and providing your personal data, you agree to the gathering and usage of the data you supply according to our Privacy Policy. You agree to share your data according to our Privacy Policy.
If we do change our Privacy Policy, we will edit this page accordingly. You will always remain aware of the data we gather and its usage in our platform.

Third Party Services

Our platform requires the usage of Google Places API for Android. Please check their privacy policy here.

Jurisdiction/Laws of country

The laws of Bangladesh maintain governance over our Privacy Policy and the usage of our customers. In case a dispute arises about our Privacy Policy, the courts of Dhaka maintain jurisdiction over the proceedings.


Jatri’s “Privacy Policy” may be edited without prior notice whenever necessary. To ensure that you remain updated about these edits, please make sure to review our policy carefully.

By using our application (“Jatri App”), you consent to all of our terms and conditions. If you have issues with any of our conditions, please refrain from using this application.

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