Rediscovering the beauty of Bangladesh: A one day trip

As Dhaka is the city of unending traffic jams and busy crowds, we all deserve a break sometimes. Taking time away from your hectic schedule is absolutely essential, so check out these exciting locations you can visit on a day tour for some much-needed recreation.
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Sightseeing in the city: As the Victory Day of Bangladesh looms closer, Dhaka has adorned a festive look. The streets flash with twinkling green and red lights throughout the city. All the government buildings are decorated with flags, lights, and pictures throughout the city. Dhaka comes alive on these occasions, and national holidays are the best time to spend some quality moments with your family and friends. Jatri Rentals can be booked at the click of a button, perfect for your quick plans and getaways.

Gazipur: Gazipur is well known for its variety of resorts and picnic spots. These places come with various amenities, including cooked meals, resting spots, and swimming pools. As it is quite far from Dhaka, transportation might be a slight hassle for the two-way trip. Booking a car for the day is the best solution for your trip, as it will be at your beck and call throughout the day. You can settle in at the resort, enjoy your day, and have a relaxing journey back home, all in the comfort of air-conditioned Jatri Rentals. You can easily pick a budget-friendly resort that suits your needs and get going in no time!

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park: Located in Gazipur, this park is definitely a sight to see. One of the two safari parks in Bangladesh, this place contains a fantastic collection of wild animals. From tigers and bears to peacocks and snakes, Safari Park has it all. It is a great place to visit with your family, granting your kids the taste of nature in the best way possible. It also has restaurants and snack corners, ensuring you a fun trip throughout the day!

National Martyrs' Memorial: Only 24 kilometers from Dhaka, the National Martyrs' Memorial is a historical sight. It is living proof of our glorious history and sacrifice, standing tall as a monument to our slain martyrs. As a testament to our independence and sovereignty, it is one of the best places to visit in Savar. On historically significant days, the memorial is perfect for a family tour. Pack up your snacks and go visit the monument with your relatives, cousins, and extended family. Jatri has coasters and microbuses ready to accommodate your large family, with comfortable seats for the long journey. It definitely will be an unforgettable and educational experience!

Mawa Ferry Ghat: In very little time, Mawa Ferry Ghat has captured the heart of Bengalis everywhere. The area has fresh air, a beautiful river, and endless restaurants for a hearty meal. The delicious aroma of fresh Ilish is tantalizing, not to mention the various types of bhortas available, ready to soothe your palate. The road to Mawa is smooth, traffic-free, and well-paved. Add some nice music, the natural fresh air, and a rental car to serve you throughout the day- and we bet it will be a wonderful travel experience you’ll never forget.

A one-day tour may seem short and sweet, but it will leave you with a lifetime of joyful memories. Jatri offers rental services to take you anywhere you desire. Our cars can be booked for a round-trip or a single trip. You can choose from our rental partners to select the best car at the best price. Book a rental for a day-long tour experience by downloading Jatri app or clicking on:

Kazi Ayesha Rahman

13th December,2021