Introducing Jatri: A Shift Away From Manual Bus Transportation

Traffic in Dhaka city is a nightmare. According to the Accident Research Institute at BUET, Dhaka alone wastes about 5 billion work hours in traffic congestion. That sums up to 370 billion dollars lost a year, a staggering amount affecting each and every resident living in the city.
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The public bus system of the city is one of the few transport vehicles capable of getting you where you need. But then again, buses are prone to get extremely overcrowded. 3 million bus commuters per day. People are seen at bus stops waiting for an unpredictable amount of time (even for hours!), peering into the distance in the hopes of finding a bus since the buses follow no particular schedules. This is a common scenario every day, despite rain or sunshine.

Bringing relief to this dire situation, Adventure Capital is officially announcing its investment in Jatri. Jatri is an app designed to reduce the hassles of the bus commuters. A user can book his ride using Jatri and ensure his seat in advance. This saves him from battling countless passengers in the hopes of securing a seat. He can also track the current location of the bus and calculate when to reach the bus stand, saving an enormous amount of time and stress. Users can pay their bus fare through the app, allowing a cashless and secure payment.

Jatri carries great potential for the commuters of the public transportation system. It not only reduces the hassle of each individual on the roads; it also helps bus company owners to track the rides taken daily as well as calculate their profits. It promotes a systematic sound based verification approach to bus boarding, which has never been seen before in the city. Jatri is introducing the usage of technology in the public bus system, highlighting the digitalization era for the general people.

There are tons of passengers with not enough buses, and there are buses with passenger-less empty seats. Jatri hopes to bridge that gap and revolutionize the daily commute of thousands of passengers.

Kazi Ayesha Rahman

March 2019